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Benefit from quality classes of progressive levels, professionally trained teachers and a supportive space where you can achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

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About our classes

Yoga in Daily Life is an authentic traditional style of yoga, a holistic system of health encompassing the science of body, mind, consciousness & soul. Classes include physical exercises (asana), relaxation, guided breath work (pranayam) & meditation.

We understand that everyone comes to yoga for different reasons. You will always be encouraged to practice at your own comfortable capacity. Guidance will be given on how to gradually work in to the practices, and you can then develop yourself at your own pace.

Beginners the ideal start is the Beginners Course. The next best option is a Level 1 class.
Community a Level 1 class at a discounted price. Making yoga accessible to all.
Level 1 a gentle, basic class
Level 1 & Yoga Nidra a gentle practice plus a 40 minute yoga nidra (guided deep relaxation)
Level 2
 uses level 1 practice to warm up & then gently introduces the next levels
Level 3 an integrated mindful practice that is challenging, nourishing and balancing.
Level 4 for those comfortable in level 3 and would like to advance
Meditation & Philosophy see in events for the Satsangs & specialised yogic studies courses
Pregnant Ladies are welcome to Monday 6pm Level 1 class & Sunday 4pm class. Please ensure the instructor knows you are pregnant

Yoga Class in our lovely big space!

We also offer

Beginners Courses for Yoga & Meditation. A great way to get started. Courses offer extra instruction to learn what, how & why.
Yogic Studies Courses for those with a regular practice who would like to explore beyond the physical.
Yoga Workshops to explore the yoga and meditation practices and teachings in more depth. Vegetarian Cooking, Natural Wellness & Healthy Lifestyle Workshops
Special Programs with guest Teachers
Satsang, each month around full moon. A spiritual program that includes an inspiring talk, guided meditation & vegetarian dinner. A perfect way to connect with like minded people.
Retreats - half day urban retreats, weekend retreats and week long retreats
Tailored programs for workplaces & community groups

Getting Started Tips

Wear clothing suitable for exercise that allows easy movement of the body and is somewhat modest (i.e. not short shorts).
No eating 2 hours before the class, as it makes exercising uncomfortable and meditation sleepy.
Be hydrated before the class and rehydrate after. Where possible avoid drinking during the class as the heat you generate is burning toxins.
Compare yourself only with yourself. Thereby continually refining and improving you. Your practice is all about you!
Allow yourself to relax as relaxation is not a luxury, it is a necessity for everyone in order to create the balance we are looking for.
Give yourself permission to take care of your own needs in class. Whether that’s by taking a break, observing instead of doing, or modifying a pose to make it more comfortable.
We encourage you to stop when ever you need to.
Avoid pushing or forcing into postures and work with your body in a way that you go to the point of challenge and not beyond where injury can occur. The key is to …
Be ‘aware’ and heighten your awareness to the response of your body, your breathing and your thinking as you practice. Developing this awareness is the main part of your practice and will serve you in all areas of your life.

Invest in your Health & Wellbeing

our prices are designed with affordability in mind. We accept cash only for single class payments.
Newcomers Welcome Pass $30 for 14 days unlimited (1 off offer for people new to our studio)
Community Class $5 
60 minute class $16 
90 minute class $20 
Concession $12 
get a pass for even better value
1 month unlimited $110
3 month unlimited $280
20 class pass $280 ($14 per class 6 month limit)
10 class pass $150 ($15 per class 6 month limit)
Concession class pass 10 classes $100 (6 month limit)


Switch OFF your mind from any busy thoughts. Allow yourself this time for your practice and your own wellbeing.  
Also switch off your mobile phone.
Shoes are left at the shoe racks near the front door. Please do not take them in the space where the yoga is practiced.
Be on time to classes. But if on the odd occasion you are late please enter very quietly so as not to disturb the others who are enjoying their much needed relaxation.
Ask for assistance if you’re unsure whether a pose or movement is right for you. If it’s not possible during the class, then talk to your teacher after the class. We are here to help so let us know if something was not quite right for you and we will offer adjustments or alternatives.
Let your mindful practice radiate to all that you do including;
- being aware of your personal space around your yoga mat and the person next to you
- keeping the area around your mat uncluttered. Bags and jackets etc go near the bathrooms.
- returning the yoga equipment (mats, blankets etc) neatly back to their place at the end of the session & wipe down your mat.

CAUTIONS to be aware of

Let the teacher know of any injuries or relevant medical information. Especially if you are new or you have a new teacher. Then we are better able to guide your practice to keep it safe.
During menstruation ladies are recommended to avoid inverted poses (upside down postures) & we suggest a gentle practice.
High blood pressure, dizziness & heart conditions are conditions important for your teacher to know about before the class so that they can offer variations on certain exercises.
Light-headed, Headaches, Dizziness, Cramps & other physical complaints may be experienced after a Yoga class. Newly stretched muscles may respond by cramping or twitching, and toxins liberated from usually tense muscles, may cause headaches or nausea. This is a good sign that your body is detoxing! Symptoms will quickly disappear by drinking water, a warm shower, breathing fresh air and / or having a rest.
If something does not feel right it is your responsibility to STOP. We fully support you. Talk to your teacher for guidance.
Pregnant Women we suggest you get your health care practitioners OK before commencing. Women can practice Yoga during all stages of pregnancy. We've tagged the Monday 6pm & Sunday 4pm classes for you to join. Just ensure the teacher knows you are pregnant so they can offer adjustments or alternatives if required.


About us: Yoga in Daily Life is a not for profit community organisation. We’ve been offering authentic yoga & meditation, programs for health & wellbeing and community support in Melbourne since 1998.
We are a community of dedicated teachers & volunteers here to share the positive benefits of yoga & meditation with you!
A tool for your whole lifetime: Yoga is a practice that will keep you interested & challenged for a lifetime. There’s no need to achieve, or even try, everything the first day, month, or year. There is so much to offer, simply keep going & enjoy the journey.
I’m not flexible, can I do yoga? Yes. Many people start yoga to improve their flexibility, strength & fitness and then continue practicing because of the many other benefits that they experience!
How many times a week should I practice? Consistency is the key! That’s when the benefits will be experienced. Minimum once a week but more, 2 or 3 times a week, is better. Or extend your once a week class with some home practice.
Is Yoga a religion? No. Yoga is a science of harmony for body mind & soul. The aim is to realise our full potential & true Self. We are lucky to have a lineage of teachers & it is this rich cultural heritage & spiritual wisdom that inspires our community. Learn more of the science of yoga at our satsangs, workshops & retreats.
How is yoga different from other exercise? Yoga is about balancing & harmonising our whole being. We work on the physical level in a unique way that it not only makes us flexible and strong but also it influences our physical systems, energy systems and the mind. Yoga has the capacity to challenge and nurture us in such a way to bring the jewels deep within us to the forefront.
What if I can’t do a pose? Practice as best you can. Do not push into injury. Often it does not matter if you can or you cannot, as the benefits come through applying the effort & discipline. Yes really, you will see …
Can I claim my class costs on Private Health Care Insurance? Some do & some don’t . Check with your private health care provider to see if you are eligible for rebates. We can provide receipts.

Please do not hesitate to talk to us should you have any questions or comments!

Satsang & Meditation