About Asana ...

Question: Where would this asana be useful in my life?

This question came during Swami Gopal's class. As he guides the participants into challenges one person asked out loud why? What is the purpose, the value of being a human pretzel?

It's not the headstand alone, but also what is shifting in you when you do it.

New asana requires new thinking and new thoughts. 

It deals with fear and complexes that are hidden in the folds of the mind. When you work the body in yoga, which is also working the mind, you release fear and complexes from their hiding place. The yogic practice is to learn to see them and to practice not to let them limit you. Transcend them and reach your full potential.

Fear is being unable to accept the unknown. If we could accept the unknown, give up excessive control, then life becomes an adventure. 

It is the practice of taking risks. Life without risk is too secure and boring. And lets face it, its also unrealistic.

This experience that your yoga teacher guides you through in a safe and supportive environment is for you to practice, on your yoga mat, for how you will deal with the unknown, with risks and hidden fears and complexes in your daily life. 

Note: anyone can practice with this attitude in all levels of classes

Swami Gopal teaches Tuesday & Thursday 6 - 7.30pm Level 3/4 at our Richmond centre & guides an Advanced Asana Focus class on the last Saturday of each month.